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Weight Management

Did You Know...

Our office is now offering the internationally used
HCG method for rapid weight loss of up to 1 pound per day! Let us help you reach your goals in a fast efficient way so you look great for that special event or season.

As your BMI (Body Mass Index - this is a measurement based on your height and weight) increases so does your risk for High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and Diabetes.

If you are a man with a waist measuring 40 inches or more, or a woman with a waist measuring 35 inches or more, you could have Metabolic Syndrome which is a pre-Diabetic state. Make your appointment with Linda Ann Taylor, NP, APRN-BC, where we can look at other important information to determine if this is happening to you.

You can lose weight on the scale and still be very unhealthy because you have burned your muscle and your fat has remained the same or perhaps become worse.

The foods we take in to fuel our bodies have a huge impact on the way we look and feel, and on our overall health. What happens if you put "bad" gasoline in your car???  Think about it!


Key Benefits

Achieving your weight management goals through with Ms Taylor’s assistance  gives you the benefit of having a medical professional to oversee your progress, who can give you both traditional and complementary tips to assure your success.

We can monitor and treat your medical conditions such as Thyroid issues, Hormone Imbalance, and Stress all of which can prevent your success in weight management if overlooked.

We tailor your weight management program to fit your lifestyle, coach you along the way, and celebrate your victories.

We teach you throughout your program about good nutrition, healthy lifestyle changes, and subtle adjustments you can make to gradually improve the health of yourself and your family.


How do I get Started?

Call and make your weight management appointment. We will meet for about 60 minutes and take a close look at your medical history, dietary habits, current issues, medications and supplements.

Any necessary laboratory tests will be ordered.

We will discuss and decide on the plan that is best for you, as well as get you started making some healthy changes right away.

At your next visit we will measure your Body Composition, which we will do at every subsequent visit, so we can track your progress and help you to succeed. We will recommend several lifestyle changes including a diet modification plan. Laboratory test results will also be reviewed and any necessary adjustments will be made to help achieve your goal.


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