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“I’ve been a patient of Linda A. Taylor’s for 3 years now. I came to Linda with severe anxiety disorder and postpartum depression along with numerous other health problems. In the years I’ve been with Linda she has helped me achieve magnificent health and well being. I’m permanently off my antidepressants, and I have healed chronic sinus infections through diet alteration and herbal supplementation. Additionally, my sex life has improved through the use of Linda’s bio-identical hormone treatment, and I no longer experience severe menstrual cramping in my cycle. I understand that good health and well being must come from a desire within, but never could I have achieved such euphoria of my mind and body without the creative knowledge and direction of Linda’s expertise. I went to her initially with issues of depression, and she has ridded me of so much more. I’m forever grateful to Linda.”


Before finding Linda Taylor who introduced me to the HCG diet I was struggling with my weight. I am a diabetic with high blood pressure and also had high cholesterol. The HCG diet was monitored by Linda, was safe effective and provided through her clinic. I lost 18 lbs. in a 12 week period of time and believe it or not it the weight has stayed off. Not only did it stay off but my cholesterol is normal, my hemaglobin A1C is normal and my blood pressure is normal. I am very happy clothes fit that have not and most of all I have energy! I lost weight in the difficult areas of my body that I never thought I could. I am very excited to tell everyone about this diet and I would recommend it.


Linda Taylor was recommended to me by Pine Pharmacy when I called to inquire if they knew could help me find someone who would thoughtfully guide me through my hormonal issues.  I have chosen to use bio identical hormones and was confused about who to go to regarding this issue. From the first moment that I walked into Linda's office I knew that I was in the right place.  Linda, not only has a vast and growing knowledge of bio identical hormones but also includes vitamins and mineral supplementation to enhance total body health.  Linda is always learning and offering new information and advice on every issue regarding physical and spiritual health.  On my first visit, Linda performed a Reiki healing for only ten minutes which immediately and throughly calmed my nerves for about twelve months.  Linda also diagnosed a bulging disk problem three weeks before it surfaced.  Many times, during a healing, Linda will give insightful and invaluable spiritual and physical advice about my loved ones and me.  I look forward to every visit as Linda doesn't just diagnose my  tests but she also looks at my whole health picture to ascertain my needs.  That makes her unique among her fellow practitioners.  Linda is an important part of my continuing journey to good health. I don't just want to age, I want to age healthily and happily.  With Linda on my side, I can't lose.


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