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Hormones For Women

Linda Ann Taylor, NP offers Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy to address health issues caused by hormone imbalance. Bio-Identical hormones are derived from natural plant materials that are very similar to the hormones that our bodies produce.  Our bodies are usually much more tolerant of these hormones than of synthetic hormones.

Currently, many people are being treated for specific symptoms with prescription drugs but without the root cause being identified and treated. Depression? Water retention? Fatigue? Hair loss? Cold hands and Feet? And the list goes on and on… These people rarely feel good but the only other suggestion for improvement they might get is more drugs.  We believe in helping our patients find the root cause of their health problems and in making the corrections so optimal healing and health can prevail with minimal  use of prescription drugs.  Decreasing your symptoms can help you to better enjoy your life, your career, and your family and friends.

Key Benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Let us help you address a multitude of symptoms you may have been living with such as Depression, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines, Thyroid Issues, Metabolic Syndrome, Difficulty Losing Weight, Poor Sex Drive, Irritability and Mood Swings, "Brain Fog", Poor Memory, Cravings for Sweets, Menstrual Cramps, Heavy Bleeding and many more.
Pave the way for better health as you age.  Balanced Hormones means decreasing your risk for Heart Disease; Stroke, Breast, Colon, Uterine and Ovarian Cancer; Osteoporosis; and Diabetes. You owe it to yourself and your family to be as healthy as you can be.


How do I get Bio-Identical Hormones?

Call to make your appointment and our staff will guide you through the initial steps so we can start your improvement from your first visit.
At your first visit a very thorough review of your medical history is performed, from a Holistic view. We discuss all influences on your health including stress, nutrition and current medications, etc.
We help you to identify and prioritize your long and short term goals for health.
Appropriate laboratory tests are ordered if indicated. Initial suggestions are made and prescriptions written so you may start immediately on your path to optimal health.
At the follow up visits laboratory test results are reviewed and diagnosis made.  Prescriptions are given accordingly. Bio-Identical Hormones are usually prescribed as a cream and are made especially for you at a compounding pharmacy.

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