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Hormones For Men

Linda Ann Taylor, NP, APRN-BC offers Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy to address health issues caused by hormone imbalance. Bio-Identical hormones are derived from natural plant materials that are very similar to the hormones that our bodies produce. Our bodies are usually much more tolerant of these hormones than of synthetic hormones.

Currently, many people are being treated for specific symptoms with prescription drugs but without the root cause being identified and treated. These people rarely feel good but the only other suggestion they might get is more drugs. Ms. Taylor believes in helping ┬ápatients find the root cause of their health problems and in making the corrections so optimal healing and health can prevail with minimal if any  use of prescription drugs.  Decreasing your symptoms can help you to better enjoy your life, your career, and your family and friends.

Key Facts

At age 40 a man's production of Testosterone decreases 1% per year
Have you noticed a decrease in your morning erections?  If they are not the way they used to be your Testosterone may need supplementing.
How is your sex life? Disinterested ? Blaming things like your job, the kids, "her"? It could be low Testosterone levels.
Those men with the highest levels of Testosterone have the lowest incidence of Prostate Cancer.
Low levels of Testosterone may be linked with Heart Attacks. Men tested after having Heart Attacks were found to have low levels of Testosterone.
Proper levels of Testosterone help to prevent Alzheimer's Disease.


Key Benefits

Relieve your symptoms of Andropause which include Fatigue, Irritability, Decreased Sexual Desire, Erectile Dysfunction, Weight Issues and Decreased Muscle Mass.
Testosterone is the #1 hormone for bone health and will decrease your risk for Osteoporosis which can lead to bone fractures.
Testosterone is the #1 hormone necessary for Heart Health.
Build muscle not fat. Obesity is reduced because Testosterone helps to build muscle and lower insulin levels (insulin is the fat storing hormone).


How do I get Testosterone?

Call and schedule your new patient consultation. We will spend about 60 minutes doing an in depth, Holistic review of your medical history, nutritional habits, current medications and supplements.
Appropriate laboratory tests will be ordered.
Together we will establish your short and long term health goals.
Recommendations are made for you to start immediately, to get you started on your path to better health now and as you age.
Follow up visits are used to review progress, laboratory test results, adjust hormone dosage and address any issues you may have.
Hormones are ordered by prescription and come in a cream form which is prepared especially for your needs by a compounding pharmacy.


What about the other hormones?
Hormone balancing is as important for men as it is for women. Men are also affected by elevated or low levels of Estrogen, Progesterone, DHEA, and Cortisol. In addition to addressing Testosterone we also monitor these other hormones to help you enjoy optimal health.

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