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Genetic Weight Loss

What Can your Genes Tell Us?

Personalized Weight Loss

We now have a form of testing that will identify EXACTLY what your personal key to weight loss and maintenance is. Wouldn’t you like to get rid of the generalizations? How helpful would it be to know exactly what kind of foods are best for you. As well as how your body metabolizes fats and carbs.

What type of work out does your body needs to lose weight or maintain? For how long? At what heart rate? No more wasted time doing the wrong type of workout. The way your body metabolizes determines which supplements are best for you. So no more wasted money trying this or that.

Come in for a quick visit and we will collect your sample to send to the lab and in3 weeks we will sit down to discuss your multiple pages of results. We are working hand in with a specialized lab to obtain 100% accurate results for you.

The genes analyzed

    1. Directly influences your body’s relationship to fat.

    2. How your body reacts to exercise.

    3. How you best manage weight gain/loss.


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